Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dakar Academy Outreach 2015

Hi Everybody,
Jim talked about the DA Outreach in our email update, but I just wanted to add a couple of comments and pictures.

God works in many wonderful ways during outreach, but this especially stood out to me this year.  We have one team who goes out to different villages and presents a VBS-type program with games, stories, etc.  During outreach they typically visit about 9 or 10 villages in two days.  This outreach, on Saturday morning the team had so many delays. 

First, they had to wait for someone to find a part so they could run the generator. Then after a couple of hours, they finally got the part but couldn't find the key to the van.  Then, pictured below, they got very stuck.  While others tried to get the van unstuck, they walked to a soccer field and did a program there.  Afterwards they met a couple of teen-age girls, who asked if they could go to their village to do a program.  After talking to the translator that was with their team, they decided that they could do that, but only after eating lunch.

It seemed that it was one delay after another, but these girls waited for them and took them to their village.  The translator, a national pastor, had never been to this village; the gospel had never been presented there.  The adults and children were very receptive and one man invited the pastor to come back to his village and talk some more.

The teen girls asked if they could go along to the other villages that they were going to, so they did and heard the gospel two more times.  This was a total of four times that these girls heard the gospel that day.

So, everything is in God's perfect timing.  If it hadn't of been for all the delays, they never would have gotten to this new village!

Aunt Ramona

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