Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hi all--
So many things have happened since I wrote last May; can it possibly be that long since I've updated my blog??!!  Some of the things that have happened:

  • June 6 - Flew to the US
  • June 16 - Drove to Arizona to see my mom, then drove to San Antonio
  • June 23 - Jason was married to Tina in San Antonio
  • July 3 - First total knee replacement
  • September 16 - Second knee replacement
  • Lots of physical therapy and hard work recovering from both surgeries
  • Many lunch, dinner, & breakfast meetings with friends and supporters
  • October - Jim, recruiting trip back East ending with hitting a deer and totaling our car
  • God provided a new, used vehicle from insurance money and some additional money
  • Thanksgiving with our son Matt and his wife Courtney and her folks visiting from Mississippi
  • Christmas all together with Jason, Tina & her daughter Marisela coming from San Antonio and Caleb and Sierra flying in from New Jersey!
  • Preparing our church team for their short-term trip to Senegal

Jim and I were just looking at the calendar and realized that we haven't even been back in Senegal for a month yet and how much has happened since we got here!

Speaker at Evening Evangelism

Village scene

Drama Team

Nazarene Church where painting, cement floor and mural were being done
Village boys

Mural inside church being painted by DA students

A horse, donkey, two pigs and a chicken all in one pose!

Hannah Yashashi playing with village children

Mike Harrison from our church with little girl who climbed up in his lap

Evening Evangelism Program

 We're happy to be back, but are still catching up with sleep and work!

Aunt Ramona

P.S.  I've attached some additional pictures from the DA Outreach 2013