Monday, September 28, 2009

I thought I would just give you a little glimpse of what it takes to "just live" in Africa. Some of the tasks for "just living" takes much more time and energy than it does in the States.

The mundane, like doing the laundry, is an example of what takes much of our time these days. It's great to have a washing machine but when the electricity goes off, a load can take a long time! Once it's washed and hung out to dry, the rains often come and it has to be taken in. On the low wall in the house or possibly on stair railings, we lay our clothes out, but in the humidity of this rainy season, it can take 12 hours to dry. Are we in the second day yet? Finally, most things need to be ironed to kill any mango worms in the clothes. Will the electricity stay on for the ironing? Will the load be finished the third day?

Please know that it is easy to get discouraged when these mundane tasks take a lot of time, but when I look at others here who don't even have a washing machine, or something as simple as a clothesline, it doesn't seem as important anymore!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers that our focus would be for the ministries that God has called us to here in Senegal!
Aunt Ramona