Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life as a Street Boy

Hi Everyone--
Imagine that you are a young boy aged four through 15 and living on the street.  You have to beg for money to give to your teacher plus you have to beg for your food for the day. 

People give you some food to eat, but mostly bread.  They also give you rice, however you have no way to cook it, so you give it to your teacher and he uses it to feed his family.

At our center we have had boys bring us raw eggs to cook, chickens, and yogurt.  When they get yogurt they come and ask us for a cup and spoon so they can eat it. (However, we did not cook the chickens; they were going to somehow find a way to cook them themselves) Sometimes they bring a small bag of yogurt or water and ask us to put it in the freezer while they are at the center.

The boys depend on our center for showers and clean clothes, for toothbrushes and toothpaste to brush their teeth, for needle and thread to mend their clothes, for first aid, etc., etc.  The boys can also just be boys for awhile and play basketball, soccer (football), Sorry, and Legos!

Next time you turn on your stove to cook something, or brush your teeth or take a shower, just think and pray for these boys.  Also, pray for our national workers and missionaries who work at the center, that we would be able to show the love of Christ to these boys.

Eating millet & yogurt

Harvesting corn the boys planted in the center backyard

Cooking the corn they all got to share

Playing with Legos is so much fun
Aunt Ramona