Monday, May 10, 2010

Blowing Bubbles

Last week at the center the t boys were having so much fun blowing bubbles. Jim's sister had brought out containers of bubbles, so we let them have them for use at the center. Can you imagine 15 year old boys in the States enjoying blowing bubbles? Well they do here because it gives them something fun to do that they have never experienced before.

It is such a joy to watch them just relax and have fun for a while before they have to return to begging.

Please pray for a little one who had marks on his back. He very softly told our worker that his teacher had hit him.

Aunt Ramona

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Window Shopping

One of the advantages of being in a huge traffic jam here is being able to shop from your car window! Of course, sometimes the sellers tend to get very pushy and keep knocking on your window. We just have to ignore them and keep our car doors locked.

Unfortunately, the times that we usually get into a traffic jam are on our way out of the city for a weekend away, so it is hard to relax until we are past all the sellers. Over the last couple of months while sitting in traffic I put together a list of things you can buy from your car window. Here you go:

A - air fresheners, axes (during Tabaski) & American flags

B - bananas, baguettes, baseball caps, bassinet mosquito nets, bathtub cleaner, batteries, beach balls, birds (live - they believe that if you release them it sends the bad spirits away), blankets, blenders, books, boxers & bracelets

C - candy bars, cashews, CD's, cell phone chargers, chinese paper lanterns, clocks, clothespins, coffee makers, coffee mugs, cookies & cream cheese

D - dates & dishcloths

E - eggs

F - flip flops & flower garlands (fake)

G - glass cleaner

H - hats

I - ice, frozen in liter bottles & inflatable toys

J - joysticks

K - keyboards, key chains & kiwis

L - luggage

M - magazines, mandarin oranges, marabu pictures, matches, meat grinders, mints & mint leaves (used for tea here)

N - necklaces & newspapers

O - oil (cooking & car)

P - peanuts, pears, perfume, phone cards & purses

Q - Q-tips

R - radios & rugs

S - Scrabble, Senegalese flags, shirts, shoes, sling shots, soccer balls, star cards, steering wheel covers & sunglasses

T - tea, tissues, toilet bowl cleaner, tools, toothpicks, towels & T-shirts

U - underwear

V - valves for gas bombs (gas bottles) & vegetables

W - wallets, watches, water (in bags) & window visors

X - xylophones (wood for souvenirs)

Y - yo- yos & yogurt

Z - zucchini & zwieback crackers

Hope you enjoy this video of window shopping!

Aunt Ramona