Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Outreach

Hi all--
I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a good time with friends who are like family to us.  We actually had a nice-sized turkey this year compared to the scrawny one we had last year.  It was a real treat!

Jim left the day after Thanksgiving to go on the Dakar Academy Outreach.  These are results of the teams that worked in several villages about three hours from Dakar.

The various teams:

• Harvested 8 sacks of peanuts

• 18 bundles of millet were pounded into grain

• Poured a foundation for a new church (mixing over19 tons of cement)

• 1200 bricks were made by hand using 8 tons of cement mixture

• 10 villages ministered to by the VBS team

• Drama Team presented the Gospel in 13 different villages

• Medical Team cared for 372 people

• Built 15 benches and 4 stools

• Setup and took down 35 tents

• Drew over 2,000 gallons of water from a well using buckets and ropes

• Hand-pumped and filtered 400 gallons of drinking water

• Ministered in 6 villages during evening campaigns

• Over 3,000 people heard the gospel

• 735 people prayed to accept Christ

Here are some pics from the Outreach.

Filling 55 gallon drum with water

Cooking Senegalese meal for 150 people

Pounding millet

Harvesting peanuts

Millet bundles

One of the villages

Medical team seeing patients

Medical patients seeing patients

Medical team seeing patients

Some of the tents already setup

Setting up tents

Filtering water

Drawing water from the well

Cooking pots

Donkeys hauling water

Making benches for a village church

Young girls hauling water

Cute girl with missing teeth

Food prep (note the chicken)

Drama team resting

More food prep

Hope you all have a great Christmas season.  It is hard for us to get into the spirit as hot as it is, but we will try!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Aunt Ramona