Monday, November 3, 2014

This & That

Hi Everybody--
It seems like every time I write a blog post I have to apologize for not doing one for so long!!  Anyway, I just wanted to write a little something.

It seems like our "cooler" weather may have arrived, and not a moment too soon!  It has been quite miserable.  It still gets hot during the day but the humidity is down and the nights cool off a little.

I saw this little girl with her dad the other day in front of our apartment building.  She was happily playing with her "toy".  Even though it was only a stick with an empty soda pop bottle attached to it, she was quite happy!  Her name is Sarata (or Sarah).

The other thing I noticed when I looked at the pic afterwards was the "amulet" that she is wearing around her neck.  On the upper part of it is a necklace, but the little bags are there to keep the evil spirits away!  It is SO sad that the people here believe this is needed to keep them from getting sick.

Please pray that they would see their need to have God in their lives and not have to rely on things like this to stay safe.

Aunt Ramona

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