Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hi Everyone--
It's been quite a while since I've posted anything on my blog, so I thought I should get busy and put something on.

I left on December 9 to go to the States to spend Christmas with two of our kids and spouses and two of our grandchildren. Matt and Courtney live in Longmont with their two dogs. Sarah and her husband Jerome and two boys, Brandon and Dylan recently moved from Pennsylvania and are living in our home in Littleton. Brandon is in kindergarten this year and attends the same elementary school where our kids all attended. Dylan is attending pre-school at our home church where all of our kids also went. It was a lot of fun for me to walk Brandon to school a couple of days; it really brought back a lot of good memories of when our kids went there. (Matt & Courtney with Brandon & Dylan)

Because the cheapest fare I could get on a ticket was to fly before December 10, Jim couldn't go as he was still teaching school. I got back home to Africa two days after Christmas but it was still hard to be apart on Christmas Day. However, Jim was well taken care of by our missionary collegues who invited him to spend Christmas Day with their family.

When I left Africa it was 80 degrees and when I landed in Denver it was minus 10 degrees. Talk about a rude awakening! Needless to say, our son Matt met me at the airport with my coat so I wouldn't freeze.

Even though I was only in the US for 2.5 weeks, I did a lot and spent time with family and many friends and supporters. I flew to Phoenix to see my mom, Rita for a couple of days. My sister Rachel from Washington State was also visiting at the same time so we had a good time together.

(Rachel, Ramona & Mom)

After I got back to Africa, Jim and I went with a large group of friends for two days to a spit of land just off the coast and almost into Mauritania. After driving for about 5 hours, we took a boat over to this land that has a river on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. We stayed in a resort camp, ate our meals together and slept in a Mauritanian-type tent which was nice. We spent time just relaxing, getting to know people better and taking long walks on the beach. It was fun.

Now Jim is back teaching and I am busy again with all my ministry and work activities. I wish you all the best and God's blessings as you start the new year.
Aunt Ramona