Sunday, March 3, 2013

I just wanted to write a little bit about our maid, M'Bayang.  To us, she isn't just a maid, but a friend.  She has been with us since we first arrived in Senegal.  If you can recall, a couple of years ago her husband died leaving her to raise their two young children, Sandra, now 9 and Ricky, now 5. 

M'Bayang works very hard at two jobs as a maid and also is the national in charge of the center that WorldVenture has for talibe boys.  She is a very special Christian young woman who has a real heart for helping the boys who need so much.

We are very proud of M'Bayang and how she is raising her children in the Christian faith!  Please continue to pray for her as she has a lot of responsibilities.

Here is a picture of her family that we took recently at DA.