Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Dramatic Week

As many of you know one of Dakar Academy's dorm dads was driving at night on a dark road and suddenly there was a body lying on the highway (there is no way of knowing whether the person was dead at this time or not), a motor scooter lay in the middle of the road about 40 meters ahead. John was unable to avoid hitting the person.

John spent three nights at the police station, then was placed in jail for another two nights. He then appeared before three judges who questioned him for 40 minutes. Through the prayers of many he was exonerated and cleared of all charges. Because paperwork takes so long here, he ended up having to spend one more night in jail.

Friday about 1 p.m. John was brought back to DA to the cheers of staff and students lining the parking lot! Thank you for all your prayers for his safe return!

Here is a video clip of his return.