Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi all--

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of what our new neighborhood is like where we are living this year. We are living in this apartment building on the third floor. We are subletting it from a missionary couple who serve with C&MA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) and are on home assignment for a year. It works out well for both of us because we can use their dishes, furniture, etc. and they don't have to pack it all up for the year they are in the States.

This is the view from the rooftop of our apartment building.

Notice the satellite dishes on the house in the right pic.

This is the not so pleasant view from our bedroom window. (A goat eating garbage)

The couple whose home we are subletting both work from home so have a bedroom set up as an office which is perfect for me as I work from home also. It is the smallest place we have lived in since we came to Africa, but works just fine for the two of us! It is also a shorter walk to DA for us.

As always thanks for the prayers; we really need them!

Aunt Ramona