Monday, November 3, 2014

This & That

Hi Everybody--
It seems like every time I write a blog post I have to apologize for not doing one for so long!!  Anyway, I just wanted to write a little something.

It seems like our "cooler" weather may have arrived, and not a moment too soon!  It has been quite miserable.  It still gets hot during the day but the humidity is down and the nights cool off a little.

I saw this little girl with her dad the other day in front of our apartment building.  She was happily playing with her "toy".  Even though it was only a stick with an empty soda pop bottle attached to it, she was quite happy!  Her name is Sarata (or Sarah).

The other thing I noticed when I looked at the pic afterwards was the "amulet" that she is wearing around her neck.  On the upper part of it is a necklace, but the little bags are there to keep the evil spirits away!  It is SO sad that the people here believe this is needed to keep them from getting sick.

Please pray that they would see their need to have God in their lives and not have to rely on things like this to stay safe.

Aunt Ramona

Monday, February 3, 2014

DA Outreach 2014

Hi all--
Sorry it has been such a long time again since I've published on my blog.  I am so excited about my first DA Outreach trip that I wanted to share some photos.  It was really wonderful to see how the DA staff and students, national pastors, etc. all worked together to accomplish much for Him.

We went to the town of Diohine (pronounced Joe-een) where there are three cell church groups meeting.  Even though there was a lot of opposition before we went, there was a real openness to the gospel there. 

Keep praying for those who accepted Christ and for those pastors who are following up with them.

Aunt Ramona

Our dinner that night, a gift from some pastors

Old man riding a donkey

Woman pounding millet

Some national pastors with a computer

Outhouses at the school where we camped (the toilet seat was brought with us)

 Outside school building where we camped

Little girl that visited the mural painting
in one of the classrooms

Group of children watching the mural painting (you can
see the desks they use in the background)

Blackboard in the classroom

One of 12 murals painted at the school

Another of the 12 murals painted at the school

Jim overseeing and helping set up tents (they set up a total of 40 tents)


Jim also was overseeing the water filtering

Cooks making dinner (we fed 140 people)

Ramona (in the funky hat) helping chop up vegatables
for the cooks. That's a LOT of onions!

Bench-making team making benches for a church

Some of the 20 benches the team made

Drama team performing a skit at one of the evening
evangelism campaigns

DA staff & students' choir singing in the
Serere language at the evening campaign
(I got to be part of the choir)

Some of the crowd at the campaign (more than 6000
people heard the good news over the weekend)

DA students making bricks to build a church

Some of the 1600 bricks that were made for the church

Group of girls watching the brick-making

Waiting in line at the medical clinic

Waiting outside for the medical clinic

DA students playing games with the children of
patients waiting to be seen at the clinic

Painting team painted this church inside & out

Painting team taking a lunch break

Ladies receiving their New Testaments
that were given out by the church

Sunday, February 2, 2014