Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where We Live

Hi Everyone,
I just thought I'd share some pics of our home here in Africa.  God has been good to us in providing us with Dakar Academy housing.  In the past we have lived in the homes of missionaries who have been on Home Assignment.  However, starting last January 2013 until now we are living in an apartment provided by DA.  So when we came back here in August, we didn't have to move and that was a very good feeling!  Our apartment is off campus, but a short walk to DA, so that is good.

I'm also going to include some pictures from a building project that is going on right outside our living room window.  Our apartment is on the second floor and right now they are building an apartment building and have reached the second floor.  One of these days we will be looking right into someone's apartment!

It has been interesting watching the guys work.  All the foundations, etc. are dug by hand.  Also, the bricks are handmade right in front of our apartment building.  They also mix the cement by hand.  They work really hard all day long!

Aunt Ramona

Front View of Our Apartment Building

View from Our Rooftop

Combination Living Room/Dining Room

My Office Desk is Part of the Living Room

Our Bedroom (we usually each have a fan blowing
on us but during the day
one is used elsewhere in the apartment)

Our Kitchen (very nice and fairly modern)

Beginning of Building Project

Walls Partially Up on First Floor

Second Floor View From Our Living Room Window

Making Bricks